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My goal is to take money to make money


Looking for Internship in Finance at an English Bank

I’m looking for an internship in bank especially in London. There is a big financial place in London (La City) so I think is the better place to work in finance. Furthermore I asked some people in the street to know these point of view about theworklife in a financial district. The majority of these liked to work in the financial districit because people are friendly and no stressed. You work at the time you want.

I interested by accounting because I like to work with numbers and manage the account financial. That’s why I want to do my internship in this city. It’s very important to me to learn a lot of techniques and discover the organization in financial structure like a bank. I could be use my experience in accounting that I have accumulated in my internship and in class. Indeed, I had to manage a wine shop alone during one month.

During this internship. I developed some techniques like merchandising, accounting and my English level. I did wine order who allowed me to improve my organization. I realized a turnover of 27 000€ during this month. I came in San Francisco to discover another financial place: the financial district. I could be observed the organization and some work habits. Indeed, the organization in this place is very different between Paris. In the financial district all is bigger like buildings, companies, street. Furthermore, I visited some big companies like Google and Apple.

That’s very interesting to me to discover the organization of these companies. I could compare these companies and I saw Apple was simpler with a centered organization. Google is more a little town who we can walk around different place in this town. To my mind this experience can offers me another way of thinking. This experience shows me the organization of companies today but I think this will change. Discovery of digital it’s very important for the future. Maybe financial works will evolve with the digital. Therefore, it’s very important to adapt myself to this revolution. For that I followed some courses about digital. For examples digital marketing and growth hacking, coding 3D printing, lean startup and bay area ecosystem. Thanks to these courses I had opportunity to create a website to show my experience.

I am a quick learner and enjoy comparative, quantitative, and cash-flow analysis, plus financial modeling. I am proficient at Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. I've also taken classes in coding, digital marketing, and lean startup. I'm the head of the school's international studies group and I'm active in several other student organizations. I also speak proficient French and English.


Thank you for your time and interest and I look forward to hearing from you.

You can reach me by telephone at +33 6 48 89 46 14 in Paris or email me at

Inseec Classes :

  • Coding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Lean Startup
  • Integrated English
  • Bay Area Ecosystem

My interests :

  • Go out with my firends
  • FootBall
  • Workout
  • Cinema
  • Rap Music

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